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All code cards have been tested with Elixir 1.8.1

Fundamentals 1

This series takes a thin slice across the whole Elixir subject picking examples from many different areas, such as pattern matching, calling functions, processes and nodes.

Fundamentals 2

This deck continues with examples from the Map, Enum, Float and Regex modules. It also includes topics such as boolean operators, capture syntax and many more.

Kernel 1

Kernel provides the basic capabilities the Elixir standard library is built on top of. This deck covers arithmetic and boolean operators, ranges and the many is_* functions available for use in guard clauses, list concatenation and more.

Kernel 2

Continuing to cover the core of Elixir, Kernel 2 includes more of the is_* functions. Also in this pack you will find a use of to_string, inspect, binding and more.

Kernel 3

Following with the series, Kernel 3 covers more in depth Kernel module, including examples using put_in, pop_in, get_in functions, raising errors, sigils and binary pattern matching.

Enum 1

Enumeration is a key part of any functional language. This series is packed full of functions for dealing with collections. Includes predicates like all? and any? together with functions like dedup, chunk and more.

Enum 2

Continuing our coverage of the enormous Enum, this deck covers empty, fetch, find and starts the journey into the powerful but sometimes mind bending world of flat_map, group_by, and flat_map_reduce.

Enum 3

Our final deck on Enum takes us through max, member, min, min_max, partition, reduce_while and the sometimes surprising scan, slice and sort and brings it all back together again with zip.


This deck covers all Agent module functions, such as start_link, get, update, get_and_update and more. Answering all the cards in this pack will get you in good shape to store state with Agent.


The tricky Regex deck was hotly contested at ElixirConfEU flashcards tournament, which struck fear in even the most confident of core team members. This deck covers match?, named_captures?, regex?, replace, run, scan amongst others.


When it comes to storing state or executing code asynchronously GenServer comes to mind. The GenServer deck covers client functions and server callbacks to get you comfortable with using GenServer.

String 1

Working with Strings may seem easy.. But is it? Thinking codepoints, binaries, graphemes, encoding... With this pack you will dip into testing your knowledge of String module API.

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